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Travelling Tattoos

Bringing the tattoo straight to you.
This is a great service to use for tattoo parties & group sessions, people who have mobility issues, or if you would just prefer to be tattooed in the comfort of your own environment.

The set up is brought to you, so make sure there is enough room for the artist to comfortably work.
We will be bringing a tattoo bed, a light, and a table to keep our sterile equipment, machines & supplies on. We would also need access to an electrical outlet.

Currently we provide this service in Canada only, within a 150km radius of Montreal.

One person will be tattooed at a time.
Must be paid in full, in advance of the artist arriving. If you wish, you can tip the artist after the work has been done.
Everyone must be 18 years old and have ID on them.
Anyone who has been drinking or is on drugs, will not be tattooed.
Everyone will need to sign a consent form prior to being tattooed.
Designs will need to be picked out and planned prior to the arrival of the artist.


The rate depends on distance, how many people will be tattooed, and how many hours are booked.
Rates start at $300.


  If you are interested in booking, please contact us directly and do not book through the main page.

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